TAC’s clients utilize the expert network to gain expertise, knowledge, and skills that they don’t have in-house. The information and advice that comes from these expert practitioners is unbiased, actionable, distributable throughout your enterprise, and delivered in the context of your organization. Many of our experts have literally “written the book” on their area of expertise. Below are just a few selected profiles…

Ian Hayes

Over 26 years experience in improving the business returns generated by IT investments. He helps companies focus on value-creating projects and services by better targeting IT investments, improving the effectiveness of IT execution, optimizing the sourcing of IT activities and establishing measurement programs that tie IT performance to business value delivered. He is the author of three IT books, most recently Just Enough Wireless Computing, and hundreds of articles, a popular speaker at conferences, and his clients include many of the world’s top corporations.

Sanjay Anand

Over 20 years of information technology and business process management experience as a strategic advisor, certified consultant, professional speaker and published author. Over 100 personal clients, both large and small, have included companies from a diverse array of industries and geographies, spanning from academia to technology and from Asia to the Americas. Often referred to as a “consultant’s consultant” for training and mentoring skills. Author of books The Sarbanes-Oxley Guide for Finance and Information Technology Professionals and J.D. Edwards OneWorld: A Beginner’s Guide. Currently Executive Vice-President at CLA Solutions and Chairperson of the Board of the Sarbanes Oxley Group

Stephen Rood

Over 24 years experience in the information technology field specializing in developing and implementing strategic technology plans for organizations as well as senior project management and help desk operations review. His consulting experience has included designing and implementing a state-of-the-art emergency 911 call center for the city of Newark, NJ, managing technology refreshes for a major non-profit entertainment organization as well as a large, regional food broker. Prior to his consulting work, he was Director, Information Technology for Coopers & Lybrand, Manager, End User Support at General Foods Corporation, and Manager, Data Processing at Survey Research. He is the author of the book Computer Hardware Maintenance : An IS/IT Manager’s Guide that presents a model for hardware maintenance cost containment.

Marc Nolan

Over 25 years experience in working with clients developing best practices to increase their bottom line. President/COO of VAS International, Inc., he is a leading business change leadership management consultant, specializing in assisting IT organizations in moving from cost centers to profit centers, and in the new role IT must play as a business unit. He is the author of The Top Ten Money Making Survival Tips for Information Technology Consultants.

Gad Selig

Over 30 years of industry, consulting and general management experience. He is the Associate Dean for Business Development in the Graduate Studies and Research Division and the Director, Technology Management Graduate Programs at the University of Bridgeport. He earned degrees from City, Columbia, and Pace Universities in Economics, Engineering, and Business. Dr. Selig is also the Managing Partner and founder of GPS Group, Inc., a consulting, research and education firm that focuses on strategic marketing and growth, business and technology transformation, new product development, product management and innovation, IT strategy and governance, program/project management and strategic sourcing issues and opportunities. His books include Implementing Strategic Sourcing, Implementing IT Governance: A Practical Guide to Global Best Practices in IT Management and Strategic Planning for Information Resource Management: A Multinational Perspective.

Bruce Dearstyne

Over 30 years of broad experience and leadership in government (director of an advisory service and grants program for government), university (professor and interim dean of a college of information studies), and association work (executive director of a professional records/information management association). Author of seven books, most recently Leading and Managing Archives and Records Programs: Strategies for Success, Managing Records and Information Programs and Effective Approaches for Managing Electronic Records and Archives, and approximately 75 articles on records and information management and strategic information management. Expertise in leadership, development and management of information programs; role of CIO’s; integration of information programs into enterprise operations; knowledge management; trends and developments in information management; and records management including legal issues.

Jeff McLaughlin

Over 12 years in wireless, spanning various aspects of the industry from carrier to vendor to agent to systems integrator. Skilled and experienced in bridging the gap between technology, marketing and business development. He was at the beginning of the converged wireless voice and data products, the online wireless retail business, and currently the mobile application and content revolution with management and senior management positions with large, public companies (McCaw Cellular/AT&T Wireless) and VC backed startups (mFoundry). He has focused on non-core wireless products and has forged strong relationships with online wireless retailers, carriers and handset OEMs. Author of Consumer’s Guide to Cell Phones & Wireless Service Plans, he also has two Olympic medals in the sport of rowing.

James DeCarli

Over 20 years of software engineering experience as a software developer, published author, and university professor. His experience includes work in the financial, healthcare, and media industries. He has made numerous contributions to various technical magazines and has authored several books, including Professional ASP Data Access, Professional JavaScript and Beginning Java Databases. In addition to degrees in Computer and Information Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, James has earned numerous technical certifications, including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA). In addition to his consulting work, James is an Associate Professor of Software Engineering at Fairfield University.

Douglas Hubbard

Over 20 years experience in IT management consulting including 12 years experience in teaching organizations to use his Applied Information Economics (AIE) method. He invented AIE to quantify the value and risk of IT in a mathematically and scientifically sound manner and this methodology has been used in a variety of Fortune 500 companies and major government agencies (civilian and military). He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of IT value and is a popular speaker at numerous conferences. Doug is the author of How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of “Intangibles” in Business, The Failure of Risk Management: Why It’s Broken and How to Fix It and Pulse: The New Science of Harnessing Internet Buzz to Track Threats and Opportunities. He was formerly with Coopers & Lybrand, and has an MBA in Management Information Systems from his home state at the University of South Dakota.

Gay Gordon-Byrne

Over 30 years experience working directly with users in the large systems world, providing systems software, enterprise hardware solutions and peripherals, and independent financing. As executive director of the Digital Right to Repair Coalition, Gay is leading efforts in several states to restore the rights of owners to repair their purchased equipment free of interference by the OEM. She is also serving on the EPEAT standards project for server recycling, and is the author of the book Buying, Supporting, Maintaining Software and Equipment: An IT Manager’s Guide to Controlling the Product Lifecycle.

Pamela Erskine

Over 15 years of leadership experience in IT and service transformation with responsibility for providing best practice, thought leadership, and guidance relating to the ITIL framework and IT service management. She is the author of ITIL and Organizational Change, which analyzes some of the reasons why organizations fail to realize the benefits of ITIL and offers practical ways to avoid these pitfalls. She has led a number of IT transformation initiatives with measurable results in customer satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to operational responsibility, Pam has consulted to universities, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies on IT strategy, IT service management, and organizational change for IT teams. Pam is an ITIL Expert, ITIL Instructor, Six Sigma Certified, Accredited in Kepner-Fourie Strategic Decision Making and Root Cause Analysis, and a Certified Help Desk Director.

Bill Webster

Over 25 years of experience as an IT leader in the Retail and Manufacturing sectors. His specific areas of expertise include infrastructure management, sales force automation, IT/business alignment, manufacturing, disaster recovery and business contingency planning.

David Bowes

Over 25 years of experience as a senior information technology and procurement executive in the publishing, consumer packaged goods, high technology, commodity manufacturing, computer hardware, food packaging, and pharmaceuticals industries.

Wayne Gura

Over 20 years management experience building robust, real-world IT systems for both business functions and the enterprise. Mr. Gura has managed the planning, development and implementation of sophisticated hardware and software projects for companies ranging in scale from small-to-medium businesses to multi-national Fortune 100 corporations, in industries as diverse as financial services, medical device manufacturing, electronic media and securities brokerage. His extensive background in software development and hardware and software implementation covers mainframe and minicomputers to PC, client server, networks, and the Internet. When he is not on the job, you can often find him either driving or working on one of his classic cars – most likely, his favorite, a red 1960 MGA.

John Holz

Over 30 years experience as a development manager of both hardware and software products for Fortune 500 systems manufacturers and Internet startups. In addition to managing the development of processors, he has created products for laboratory automation and factory automation. He also developed a systems engineering services business that provided systems test and evaluation to manufacturers, integrators and end-users. His specific areas of expertise include hardware systems, network security, server consolidation, and systems engineering.

Ann Katan

Over 25 years of experience in developing, as well as managing the development, of software and hardware products. Her product development expertise spans the range of NASA space research, communications products, factory automation, and hardware processors. She currently consults to various enterprises on hardware systems and high availability systems. Her specific areas of expertise are hardware systems engineering, server consolidation, high availability systems, and project management.

Ken Appleman

Over 25 years on the wild and wooly cutting edge of IT. Ken has worked on numerous innovative projects, some so innovative that they will never see the light of day. He has been involved in projects which share a single uniting characteristic: they haven’t been developed before. Among his more notable visible achievements: he was the founding CTO of; he was a key architect of the Prodigy Online Service; he worked on the first home banking system; helped develop a ground breaking home computer animation system; and has been an inventor of online technologies and applications. In his work at and Prodigy, he helped architect technologies that earned him a listing as inventor on 11 online and Internet patents. In the rare moments that Ken has time to spend on his avocations, he works on the other things he loves most to do: writing, video production, and the design of innovative lighting systems.

Norman Reiss

Over 20 years experience in project management, information technology and finance for the private and not-for-profit sectors. Proven record of managing successful cost-effective technology solutions that positively impact organizational growth and development. Expertise in designing Internet / web site strategies, selecting and implementing database / CRM systems, planning and monitoring budgets and utilizing on-demand / ASP hosted services. Recently assignments include project manager for implementation of an upgraded online training program for the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship and Director of Information Technology at Cross-Cultural Solutions. Other past associations include: J.P. Morgan, Independence Community Bank, Find / SVP and Con Edison.

Chet Farmer

Over 15 years experience in software development and consulting. His key areas of expertise include technology selection and strategy, requirements analysis, and development project management. He is particularly adept at helping firms understand the implications of new tools and technologies, and how they may or may not map to real business goals. He has a particular interest in the ongoing growth of LAMP and related architectures; his experience with such lightweight development environments as well as large-scale, more traditional efforts creates a valuable perspective on the development process. Since 2004, he has been busily extending his expertise into the world of RFID systems and software. Mr Farmer splits his personal time among various pro bono projects in the arts world, presiding over a nonprofit board, and traveling with his wife, Erin.

Shyam Desigan

Over 13 years of health-care and pharmaceutical IT, development finance, and project management experience. He has held senior positions in large health-care and non-profit institutions, where he directed staff with responsibilities including health-care IT, strategy & architecture, project finance, forecasting & trend analysis, strategic planning, and budget & business-case planning. As co-founder of a telemedicine company and health-care IT consultant, he is focused on enabling health-care providers use telemedicine, context-aware mobility, and revenue-cycle management solutions. His consulting expertise with health-care providers includes joint business/IT evaluation of software vendor offerings, application service providers, and alignment of IT with the business needs and financial capabilities of mid-market health-care providers.

Clyde Musgrave, PhD

Over 17 years experience in various management and engineering positions. Dr. Musgrave holds nine patents in the areas of insured electronic transactions, digital watermarking in MPEG 2 video, digital certificates, and biometrics and has many patents pending in the areas of xDSL, XML/SOA services, a transaction model for telecomm services, electric power utilities, non-traditional financial services, passport/visa fraud protection, HomePlug, RFID tagging and others. He has served on the ARPANET Executive Committee with Vint Cerf, and on the 1985 Presidential Inaugural Committee. His strengths include managing teams, building collaborative environments, business development, value creation, managing risks associated with innovation & high tech ventures, strategic business planning, private funds placement, high tech licensing, information technology/systems, R & D management, electronic commerce, and network security.

Lawrence Bilker

Over 17 years of experience in solving complex business, technological, and organizational problems in various industries from small companies to Fortune 100. He has significant experience implementing effective solutions utilizing resources and methodologies that deliver measurable results. In core IT management positions he has delivered unique solutions that transformed corporate goals into reality, built effective IT and operations teams, reduced operating costs, and fostered rapid and sustained business growth. He is on the board of a nonprofit organization and enjoys volunteering bringing technology to children.

Brian Dooley

Over 25 years of analyzing and writing about trends in information technology and telecommunictions. He has written six books, numerous user manuals, hundreds of reports, and more than 2,000 magazine features. He has been a Senior Analyst for Gartner, and a Senior Product Information Specialist for Unisys. Clients currently include top international corporations across a range of industries.

Mike Malfesi

Over 30 years experience in design, construction supervision, operation and management of audio/video production and post-production studios, conference rooms, multimedia display areas and media-experiential spaces. As an internal consultant for global advertising agencies, he has provided direction to dozens of corporate technical operations in North America, Europe and Asia. As Director of Creative Solutions for McCann Worldgroup, he also acquired a deep understanding of rich media workflow processes, collaboration tools, and digital asset management systems. In his spare time, he operates a recording/audio-restoration/remixing studio and is a production manager and front-of-house engineer for live concerts, touring internationally with classic rock artists.

Tim Pacileo

Over 30 years of diversified domestic/international executive, IT management and consulting experience with Fortune 500, government and smaller companies in multiple industries. Specializing in developing and implementing strategic IT plans for organizations, as well as acting as a senior project management. His experience includes marketing, sales, planning, IT and business operations, business development, mergers and acquisitions, general management, systems/network integration/outsourcing, e-commerce, social media, e-business, direct marketing, IT strategy and governance. He is a leading business and IT change management consultant, specializing in assisting organizations in reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and integrating IT operations.

Frank Castellucci

Over 25 years of IT technical leadership, including extensive hands-on experience in all functions of IT program life cycle management. A significant portion of Frank’s career included the analysis and tailoring of processes to exact the most efficiency and savings. Frank’s most recent position as CTO in ADP included responsibilities for process assessment and improvement, R&D portfolio management and the institutionalization of application usability. In addition, Frank’s seasoned enterprise and application architecture experience was key to ADP’s SOA initiative. Prior to ADP, Frank was CEO of C.O.L. Consulting for 15 years, a firm focused on process improvement and implementation, architecture and development. Frank had a significant role in delivering large-scale SOA and SaaS systems, B2B catalog and transaction management systems as well as waterfall, RUP and agile process tailoring and implementation.

Peter Schay

Over 30 years of achievements in the design, implementation and transformation of complex, mission-critical, worldwide products, services and programs. Consultant to major firms including IBM, HP, Microsoft, Accenture and CSC. Achieves results through earnest collaboration, relentless focus, and persuasive articulation of problems and solutions to senior management, peers and practitioners across disciplines, organizations and cultures. Expertise includes deep understanding of operations and information technology, business process innovation, and identification of essential issues in complex problems. Experienced with company sizes ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100, including Gartner, Digital Equipment Corporation, and AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Alex Rafiaie

Over 26 years of experience in the information systems industry as Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer, doing analysis, design, and development of client/server and Internet-based applications. Provides vision and leadership to accelerate delivery of new competitive/strategic systems; set corporate strategies and policies for IT. He consults in many aspects of IT such as decision, design, and implementation of EAI/BPM, ERP, SOA, enterprise security, strategic planning and call center technology; enterprise architecture including all facets of IT management, strategy and operations. Assists in developing ethical hacking and vulnerability assessment framework and methodologies for large distributed corporate systems and telecommunications management.

Alan Guibord

Over 30 years of IT experience with CIO positions in various industries from small companies to Fortune 100. He is considered a visionary in the field, and a sought after speaker in the United States and around the world. Author of IT Leadership Manual: Roadmap to Becoming a Trusted Business Partner, His specific areas of expertise include senior corporate management, organization-building, management/business alignment, building investment strategies, linking IT with business management, large-scale project management, manufacturing efficiencies, and acquisition and merger integration.

Bart Bolton

Over 30 years experience leading the consulting arm of a major IT equipment manufacturer. He is recognized as one of the country’s leading experts on building effective organizations. His specific areas of expertise include development and documentation of “Best Practices”, individual and organizational development, and change management.

Bev White

Over 35 years experience in education including K-12 classroom teacher, college professor, college technology administrator, K-12 cabinet-level Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and K-12 cabinet-level Chief Information Officer (CIO). Author of multiple texts and supplements for distance learning, Bev’s consulting experience encompasses workshops, presentations, and design and delivery of webinars emphasizing the areas of educational leadership, team building, management of technology, stakeholder relationships, and the evolving role of the K-12 district technology leader. Bev’s continuing passion is empowering practitioners who are working to improve teaching and learning.

Steve Muzzy

Over 25 years of leadership and managerial experience in the areas of information technology, facilities management, operations management, and project/program management. Steve is experienced in the private and public sectors, serving the K-12 education marketplace and other markets, holding positions such as CIO of the 40th largest school district in the country and VP of a classroom technology hardware manufacturer. Steve is passionate about the critical role the CTO/CIO serves in providing innovative and transformational educational experiences to students and teachers alike. He is the past president of the Florida CoSN council and has conducted numerous presentations and workshops on topics that are critical to success of the “new”Âť education technology leader.

Nili Young

Over 45 years of experience in information technology, as a vendor, an end-user and as an a research analyst. Previously, she held various positions within Gartner Inc. including Director, Bermuda and The Caribbean Island Nations, Industry Director, and Consulting Director, Technical Architecture Strategies. Prior to working for Gartner, she was chief technologist for MCI International where she developed technology plans and IT strategies. Earlier, she was Vice President and Service Director of Midrange Server Strategies service and Vice President & Director of its Information Technology Planning and Strategy offering at META Group (since acquired by Gartner). Before that she spend eight years with IBM in various product development and management positions, including launch team member for the AS/400, RS/6000 and NetView.

Humayun Beg

Over 18 years of extensive experience in corporate IT management, technology deployment and risk management. He has significant experience in all aspects of systems management, software development and project management, as well as holding key positions in directing major IT initiatives and projects. His specialties are integrating technology into business, implementing IT solutions for efficient and profitable use, and defining IT risk and contingency. Mr. Beg enjoys travel to new places with his family, he also enjoys discovering new restaurants, reading, walking, jogging, driving and fixing things around the house.

Brooks Colburn

Over 20 years experience in negotiation and corporate communication at billion-dollar companies. He created training programs in negotiation strategy and techniques for the world’s largest information technology services business, as well as for medium and smaller companies, and has taught them across the United States, Europe, Japan and China. In addition to his negotiation experience, he has executive and employee communication experience at the highest level addressing both internal and external business issues.

Bob DaSilva

Over 25 years of progressive IT experience, specifically as a technologist and strategist. He has extensive experience in designing and implementing technology infrastructures, as well as aligning technology and business strategy. His specific areas of expertise include technology strategy, manufacturing automation, wireless networking, portfolio management, disaster recovery and business continuity management, and project management.

Richard Hudson

Over 36 years experience in IT, including 22 years as a CIO, 18 years as CIO of Global Marine. One of Computerworld’s “Premier 100″Âť CIOs, he is a nationally recognized speaker and lecturer in the field of IT. His specific areas of expertise include IT strategy trends, determination of optimal IT spending levels, and IT strategic planning.

David Foote

Over 20 years as an IT industry research innovator and one of the most quoted industry authorities on global IT workforce trends and skills evolution, compensation practices, high impact IT/business hybrid workers, and multiple facets of the human side of technology value creation. Formally at Gartner and META Group, he now leads a team of senior analysts and researchers that publishes proprietary benchmark and market trends data supported by continuous data collection involving 118,000 IT professionals at more than 2,100 research partner employers in 83 U.S. and Canadian cities. A popular opinion columnist, conference speaker, and social media commentator, his contributions appear regularly in dozens of online and print publications, in appearances on television and National Public Radio, and on podcasts and numerous blogsites.

Paul Clermont

Over 28 years experience as a consultant and practitioner helping business and IT executives obtain the greatest value from their IT investments. Specialties include setting direction, aligning with business strategy, organization, governance, assessment, planning, controlling, and measuring results. Successful at communicating IT issues to general managers in a comprehensible jargon-free way that frames decisions and describes their consequences in business terms. Pragmatic approach to specific situations, not wedded to particular methodologies or textbook solutions. Independent consultant since 1990 after leaving Nolan, Norton & Co., as a Principal.

Katharine (Kari) Riley

Over 25 years of experience in information technology consulting and management. She has worked with clients to improve the quality of IT projects by applying effective project management techniques, evaluating process design, and building cohesive project teams. Much of her project management experience focuses on cross-functional projects that successfully integrate functions like finance, human resources, sales and marketing and operations.

Bob Rouse

Over 30 years of experience with personal and professional coaching and education of senior managers in succession programs for large corporations. He has wide experience in building corporate universities and leadership development programs. Bob has extensive practice in health care computing (administrative and research). He is an international speaker and consultant for online-interactive media education.

Mary Ann McIlraith

Over 20 years experience in information technology, human resources, and organizational development. She covers the complete human capital management (HCM) implementation project and leadership life-cycle. Mary Ann is on the Technical Advisory Council for Human Capital Management and the Software Industry, past board member and author for IHRIM, and past board member of ASTD. She is the developer of the Rapid Implementation Methodology (RIM).

Sherry Irwin

Over 30 years of experience in IT asset management (ITAM), including license, contract and vendor management, across a broad spectrum of industries. An evangelist and recognized expert in ITAM best practices, based on years of personal and client experience. Founder and chair of the Canadian IT Asset Management Users’ Group (1991). Developed a series of educational seminars on ITAM, as well as related contract and vendor management. Mentor to numerous IT asset managers in defining, learning and executing their ITAM accountabilities.

Al Uretsky

Over 18 years of consultancy experience that spans business development, program management, and practice operations. He has been with Ernst & Young, Fujitsu Consulting, and IBM Global Services. He has managed a national banking practice for Fujitsu, have lead a national asset commercialization and licensing team for IBM, managed all consulting services globally to JPMorgan Chase on behalf of IBM, and most recently managed financial reporting, operations and strategy for IBM global solutions. Al is recognized for consistently achieving and exceeding management business objectives based upon well thought out process/procedures, analysis, and concise execution aligned with corporate strategic vision and values. His areas of specialty are program management, contracts & negotiations, asset commercialization, business controls, banking industry, consulting services business development, sales management, executive-level client relations, risk management & issue resolution, executive coaching, key account management, financial budgeting, planning and analysis, corporate strategy and operations.

Rebecca Smith

Over 30 years experience with implementation of enterprise-wide, ERP systems that significantly reduced ‘quote-to-cash’ timeframe; the systematic implementation of software engineering methods, processes and tools that reduced product development and maintenance costs; shortened product ‘time-to-market’ and improved software quality for several R&D labs. She has directed a company-wide quality and productivity effort to improve product performance and redesign internal management practices to improve business results. A published author, Rebecca is President of RebL Systems, an executive and senior management consulting firm.

Ron Gandiza

Over 15 years of IT and enterprise knowledge management experience as a senior learning strategist, certified trainer, consultant, professional speaker, and solution architect. He has designed, built and deployed global performance enhancement programs, as well as corporate universities, for Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies including Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, and the U.S. Air Force. He has also designed and implemented project management frameworks and training programs for enterprise IT organizations, with an emphasis on solid IT portfolio management and governance. His dynamic presentation skills and personality have made him a popular keynote speaker. He is executive VP of the Charlotte chapter of the Association of IT Professionals, and sits on the national Board of Regents of the Foundation for IT Education.

John Gill

Over 25 years experience leading information technology teams — both as an internal IT executive and as a consultant and advisor — with the majority of his career working in the financial services industry. John is often engaged as a trusted advisor to business executives and CIOs. A consistent theme in John’s engagements has been the alignment of technology organizations with their business leaders and business processes. John has led large system integration projects and has developed IT and e-business strategies, leveraging modern enterprise architectures. His work also includes strong thought leadership in emerging technologies for data warehousing and business intelligence, including the use of in-memory databases to accelerate query and dashboard performance.

Charlie Ambuhl

Over 25 years of experience in IT benchmarking, with the past 12 years focused on increasing the business benefit from IT investments. He has designed and implemented innovative approaches to performance measurement, benchmarking, and alignment of technology for increased effectiveness. Prior to co-founding the IT Performance Management Group (a TAC affiliate), Mr. Ambuhl was VP, EMEA benchmarking for Meta Group, VP, North American client services for Gartner Measurement, and spent 14 years at Real Decisions prior to their acquisition by Gartner. There he was instrumental in launching several IT benchmarking services still in use today.

Michael Bitterman

Over 25 years of information technology experience. He works with senior business and IT executives in performing high-level engagements focused on establishing current performance baselines, targeting future performance goals, and implementing the means to achieve them. Prior to co-founding the IT Performance Management Group (a TAC affiliate), Mr. Bitterman was VP at Gartner, where he established their IT Transformation and IT Performance Management practices. Prior to joining Gartner, he held senior management positions within both user and vendor IT organizations.

Edward Pospesil

Over 31 years specializing in the identification, recruitment, selection and placement of executive, managerial and senior technical professionals in the IT career field. Ed’s client base has grown to include a select spectrum of publicly and privately held companies ranging in size from the top of the Fortune 500 and middle-market enterprises, to entrepreneurial firms. He has performed both retained, contingent recruiting and contract consulting services to a variety of technology, manufacturing, services, financial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, academic and professional organizations. In 2001, Mr. Pospesil created The Technology Executives Networking Group (TENG), a virtual on-line community of CIOs, CTOs, vice presidents, directors of IT, software development, technology CEOs and other comparable senior-level IT executives. Since its inception, TENG has grown to more than 4,000 members nationwide.

Eric Zbikowski

Over 15 years experience in operational management, customer service and performance benchmarking. Eric is a co-founder and Managing Partner at MetricNet, LLC — a provider of performance metrics, benchmarks, performance reports, and scorecards. Previously, he was with MicroStrategy, Corporate Executive Board, Meta Group, TSC and Gartner. Mr. Zbikowski is also co-founder, Vice Chairman of the Board, and Chairman of the Development Committee at The Computer Corner, a nonprofit community technology center in Washington DC, rated “one of the finest small charities Greater Washington has to offer”Âť by The Catalogue for Philanthropy.

Tim Dickey

Over 18 years of IT operations management, process engineering, project management and software quality assurance experience. He co-authored the process quick reference for audit compliance actions (SOX, Privacy Information and Payment Card Industry) and introduced check points within system development deliverables to support continued compliance efforts. Tim has co-developed and delivered training and mentoring on project management, system development life cycles and systems. His technical background includes user administration and project management for IBM/Rational ClearCase, ClearQuest and RequisitePro software development tools, end user support for shipboard property management and point of sales systems, as well as interactive television.

Del Dunham

Over 30 years of experience in information technology and financial services application development. His accomplishments have included the successful implementation of numerous large business applications projects. He specializes in large program planning and management, resource optimization, application development methodologies, and financial services application planning and development. Del is also a member of the Board of Trustees for Illinois College, a historic liberal arts college.

Steven Venokur

Over 20 years experience with the implementation and deployment of skills management, career development, and performance management programs for many industries and functions. He is a leading international skills-based management strategist, and has developed the software tools, skills libraries and methodologies to help companies identify, assess, track and manage their skills and competencies in a way which maximizes talent and resources. He has worked with scores of organizations to solve the problems associated with movement to new technologies and tools, addressing the issues regarding organizational staffing and individual development and training. Mr. Venokur designed the highly-acclaimed SkillQuest, a skills assessment, tracking and reporting system, and was instrumental in establishing SkillsPlex, a skills library with more than 10,000 skills and proficiency definitions.

Doug Nagan

Over 40 years experience in applying technology to business with a focus on leveraging technology to address strategic issues. He has created a proprietary technology for a programmed assessment of technological, legal, and management risks and compliance. These protocols have been used to assess risks in manufacturing, finance, IT and supply chains. Results have included direct savings and the avoidance of potential risks through assessment of existing operational and implementing suggested improvements. His experience includes: business analysis, business continuity, information technology, merger consolidation, operations and process improvement, project and program management, risk assessment, risk assessment and management, and sourcing strategy. He holds U.S. Patent 5,818,400 for a new display technology.

Terry Brown

Over 30 years of international experience as CIO, IT director and programme director at multinational corporations in the manufacturing, oil, chemical, paper, fast-moving consumer goods, technology and financial sectors. Terry has been successful in supporting business objectives by creating and implementing relevant IT strategies and architectures. With extensive project and risk management experience, including project rescues, he has managed international IT organisations with annual operational budgets in excess of $40 million and development programmes in excess of $50 million, which have involved extensive vendor management experience. Terry has been a major contributor to new business ventures, change management initiatives, and business turnarounds, while demonstrating sensitivity to different cultural environments, and the ability to quickly build working relationships. With proven leadership and team building abilities, Terry has been responsible for multiple global and pan-European SAP ERP implementations.

Jane Raso

Over 24 years of experience in a career spanning multiple leadership roles in creating world-class organizations including both distributed and offshore teams. Jane strategically and cost effectively utilized resources and technologies in meeting and exceeding corporate goals. Jane excels at strategic and tactical planning, building high-performance teams and implementing best practice methodologies. In her most recent position as Vice President of product development at ADP, Jane was a successful leader in the APM of a multi-million dollar annual budget across mission critical customer facing payroll applications, maintaining high product availability and representing significant annual revenue to the company. At ADP Jane also developed and implemented a corporate wide quality program and organization. Since the beginning of her career Jane has successfully instituted a large number of continuous process improvement programs.

Renato Crocetti

Over 30 years in IT executive management positions. Renato has designed IT strategies, and brought leadership and successful execution to all facets of IT including development, infrastructure, data center engineering and operations, technology procurement, and enterprise security. He has successfully delivered many major programs with substantial financial impact and competitive advantage, most recently: the consolidation of multiple data centers into two tier-4, energy efficient scalable centers; ISO 9001 and 27002 certification; promotion, identification and usage of “green” technology and virtualization; championing and leading a new corporate initiative on enterprise security and risk mitigation; and the design and deployment, in partnership with the Wharton Institute, of an IT executives development program to maximize personal and business value. In his recent consulting activity, he has been engaged to develop the long-term IT strategy for a major technology institute.

Jim Tosone

Over 30 years experience at Pfizer, where he was director of Pfizer HealthCare Informatics, director of medical advocacy, director of infrastructure architecture, director of business technology, and local market manager for the San Antonio/Austin district. In 2008, he formed Tosone Associates and created its flagship program, Improv Means Business, which helps organizations enhance their creativity, collaboration, and communication skills using the techniques of improvisation. He is a graduate of The Second City Training Center, the world’s leading organization for improv. He has performed with the improv group Demented but Mobile at New York City venues such as Players Theatre, Music Theatre Works, and The Comedy Cellar. His improv workshops have been used successfully by clients at major corporations (Bank Leumi, Chubb, Dannon, MetLife, Pepsi, Pfizer, Right Management) and academia (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, New York Academy of Science, NYU Stern School of Business).

Ronald Bleiberg

Over 25 years of increasingly senior responsibility and experience in the areas of consulting management and delivery, disaster recovery planning, document management systems, and total quality management. His primary focus is working with clients to develop strategic business plans, identify opportunities for the use of state of the art techniques to improve client interaction capabilities, revenue and profitability and the solutions associated with those efforts. He is VP, Products and Services, for FileOn, a document management vendor.

Frank Kovacs

Over 20 years of global IT experience with the largest public and also private data and Internet networks in the industry. Frank was identified as a visionary at Bell Laboratories and was winner of the Gartner Group CIO Choice Award, Vision Award for Excellence at Internet World, Finalist for Ovation Award at Comnet, and the Technology Managers Forum Award for Enterprise Management Systems. Frank has managed data centers, network, applications, distributed computing, and services for organizations spanning over 110 countries, in the Financial and Telecommunication industries. He also has strong quality (six sigma, ISO 9000, winner Malcolm Baldridge Award) expertise, as well as process and project management, total cost of ownership, and balanced scorecard.

Julie Batchelor

Over 25 years of experience as an information technology executive and business leader with expertise in public sector information technology, financial services, engineering, and consulting. Specializations include strategic planning, enterprise governance, project and program management, IT transformation, business process optimization, vendor management, and budgets and analysis. She is a business and IT change agent, specializing in leveraging IT to deliver innovative, strategic solutions to enable the business and achieve organizational goals. Public sector consultant since 2014 following ten years as CIO for an enterprise financial organization.

Beth Cohen

Over 20 years experience in the trenches creating and supporting corporate IT infrastructure for different industries including architecture, construction, engineering, software, telecommunications, networking, and research. As Director of Engineering IT at BBN, she participated in the creation of the modern Internet. Specific expertise includes building scaleable robust IT architectures, operating systems, desktop support, process improvement, program management, IT/Business alignment, security, and integration of networks, applications and systems. In the occasional moments she has to herself, she likes to cook gourmet meals and read science fiction.

Frederick Scholl, PhD

Over 25 years of experience in technology investigations and research. He is acknowledged as a subject matter expert in information security best practices, information security operational procedures, compliance and audit compliance management, threat and vulnerability management, corporate security strategic planning, security risk evaluations, security and privacy requirements analysis, and Sarbanes-Oxley, JSOX and HIPAA. Moreover, he has substantial knowledge and expertise in LAN and WAN technologies, Internet e-commerce systems, and Internet and optical fiber communication technologies. His clients include Dow Jones, JP Morgan Chase, Solomon Smith Barney, McGraw-Hill, Merrill Lynch, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Dr. Scholl has 13 U.S. patents related to network technology and fiber optics.

Michael Kennedy

Over 25 years experience helping enterprises including utilities, universities and financial services firms develop network architectures and designs that meet business goals as well as develop operationally mature management processes. Founder and president of Network Strategy Partners, a management-consulting firm helping clients make strategic decisions, mitigate risk and effect change through business and technology consulting engagements. Over 200 presentations and articles published and a bi-monthly column on the business applications of networking technology. Industry experience includes financial analyst at Soundview Financial and AT&T; and telecommunications and IT engineering at Bell Labs and IBM.

Brian O’Neil

Over 10 years experience in information technology designing, migrating and managing enterprise network infrastructures for the U.S. Department of Defense, financial organizations, healthcare institutions, and law firms. He has been the primary technical lead and project manager for large migrations toward Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange 2003.

Darrel Berry

Over 27 years experience as an accomplished executive and management consultant with a successful track record of leading clients through difficult adjustments and significant improvements in growth, profitability and efficiency. Through his global experience and proven executive management capabilities, he provides consulting advice and services in general business and IT management, strategic planning, business process development, outsourcing, IT methodologies and processes, data center operations, data center consolidation, program and project management, and disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

David Greenebaum

Over 30 years experience maximizing the return on current IT investment, and developing IT strategy. His background includes data center construction and operation, building shared services organizations, developing cost structures for “charge-back,”Âť and creating data center services businesses. He is an advisor to technology start-ups, venture capital and institutional money management firms, providing technology guidance. In addition, he is a senior negotiator for outsourcing contracts. David has extensive experience in the financial services community. He has built and operated large scale complex networks, data centers and Internet hosted brokerage services. He built and turned-on a new data center in four weeks for one financial services firm following the 9/11 attacks.

Michael Bodetti

Over 25 years experience in the telecommunications and technology industries from start ups to Fortune 500 companies. He is also CEO of TnT Expense Management, which specializes in telecom expense management services including auditing and bill processing, wireless management, network provisioning, contract negotiations and telecom project management. Prior to establishing TnT Expense Management, he was the former Vice President of Telecommunications & Call Center Technology with Cendant Corporation. Michael has an MBA in Finance and is an adjunct professor at the graduate level.

Mark O’Gara

Over 25 years of experience as an operations and engineering IT executive with a diverse background from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. Experienced with tactical, hands on problem solving as well as developing and implementing business strategy. Creates a high performance team by focusing on communications and leadership development. Able to lead large change management transformations that focus on improving service delivery and cost reductions. Functional expertise in voice, data, wireless and applications.

Jay Borden

Over 25 years experience as a results-oriented business and IT professional focused on linking IT to the business, and using business strategy and requirements as the drivers for IT to increase shareholder value. Mr. Borden has provided strategic and tactical guidance to international corporations in a number of different areas including alignment of IT, rationalizing current IT applications and infrastructure, valuing potential investments, e-business, call centers, voice and data telecommunications, and technology investments. Mr. Borden’s recommendations often include process improvement, staff realignment, sourcing strategy and cost savings identification. He is a founder of the International Teleconferencing Association, published over 150 papers, been quoted many times in a variety of places and has spoken at a variety of conferences.

Alan Gopin

Over 30 years in IT and business development, including over 20 years in project management and seven years teaching project management at the graduate level. He has been certified as a PMP since 1998. He has experience in several industries, including telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and finance. Alan has worked in complex system environments, and has hands-on experience as a software developer, system tester, and systems engineer. He leverages that experience as an IT project manager. He is an expert at all phases of the project management process and is a skilled project management trainer with strong organizational, leadership, and management skills. He has authored two published papers on project management methodology and has presented at the Lucent Project Management Conference and the PMI/NJ Symposium.

Eric Korb

Over 27 years leading high-tech companies. Drawing from his broad range of experiences, Mr. Korb can assist businesses in a variety of areas. His enthusiasm and high-energy is infectious, allowing him to motivate at all levels of the organization. He advises on corporate direction, marketing and sales. Using his technical expertise, Eric helps companies digitally enable their business processes, ranging from implementing new technology to establishing an Internet presence.

Peter Taglia

Over 20 years of IT experience from the vendor perspective, focused on process automation for eBusiness, eCRM, contact centers, telecomm OSS, E911, wireless and wireline networks via n-tier applications, integration, middleware and portals. His experience includes complex planning, project management, financial justification, ROI, metrics and strategies for growth via opportunity assessment, product management, value innovation, benchmarking, industry structure research for alliances, mergers and competitive analysis.

Carlos Bravo

Over 15 years of experience at the senior officer management level (22 years total business experience). Seasoned former Fortune 500 senior executive and founder and principal of multiple companies in the technology, manufacturing and services sectors. Experienced in all areas from startup though management of thousands of employees and contractors. Has navigated through several mergers, acquisitions and IPO as Principal. Recognized as an industry expert in business process reengineering and large-scale systems integration for enterprise-wide computing solutions. Currently on the Boards of Directors of several technology companies, both public and private. Broad experience in consulting, M&A, technology delivery, sales, marketing, and business development.

Walt DuLaney

Over 25 years of experience in the planning, design and management of strategic business and technology initiatives. He consults extensively on strategy alignment, project management and performance measurement methods to assure that strategic initiatives are delivered successfully and operating results are verifiably improved. He has extensive experience applying these techniques to enterprise systems, supply chain and large-scale technology projects, and has also integrated these techniques into enterprise governance and performance measurement models. He frequently facilitates executive management decision-making and alignment sessions. He is currently completing a book on the role of strategic initiative management in organizational renewal.

David Ross

Over 10 years technology experience, specializing in outsourcing, offshoring, global sourcing, and project management. David is focused on serving information technology, call center, and business processes clients ranging in size from Fortune 20 to venture financed startups across financial services, health care, insurance, automotive, chemicals, IT, and media/entertainment industries. He helps companies reduce risk and receive the greatest value from their global sourcing relationships. David has written several articles about outsourcing, offshoring, and global sourcing and is a frequent speaker on topics of global sourcing strategy, site selection, vendor selection, and program management to executives from around the world. He teaches Business English to immigrants from over 60 countries as a volunteer in New York City.

Adam Strichman

Over 13 years of success negotiating, structuring and optimizing IT and BPO outsourcing arrangements for a wide base of clients. He is a recognized expert in the field of benchmarking of outsourcing contracts, rate structures, and pricing methodologies for information technology services. Adam served as a Director for Outsourcing Strategies at the META Group, and has held multiple positions at IBM Global Services related to negotiations and business case development for new sourcing contracts. He has helped customize and manage vendor relationships, over a wide base of industries, from initial strategy and RFP development, through contract signing and ongoing governance. Adam is a founding member of Nautilus Advisors, a specialized firm helping clients and vendors navigate the ever-changing sourcing landscape.

Todd Werden

Over 25 years experience in the retail industry, focused around technology and business operations. He has been the CIO of a multi-billion dollar apparel company as well as VP of IT at a medium-sized retailer. As a consultant for Big Four and other consulting firms, Mr. Werden has led many projects dealing with the selection, implementation and use of technology to improve business processes and results. Todd has also been the VP of Software Development and Technical Support at a leading retail ERP and Decision Support vendor providing comprehensive solutions to major retail companies.

Eric Esperne

Over 15 years experience as an in-house lawyer specifically in contract negotiation and management. Eric offers innovative methodologies for developing and implementing IT sales contracts processes that minimize costs of negotiation and disputes, and for realizing complete value from SaaS, IT outsourcing and other technology vendor relationships. He introduces new concepts to the old, traditional way that businesses contract with each other, such as utilizing contracts to achieve better governance-risk compliance, electronic contracting for business services, and purpose-driven outsourcing.

John McWilliams

Over 26 years experience in IT and consulting. Helps companies understand their options and design strategies for business continuity/disaster recovery and data center planning, specializing in rapid recovery of applications across multiple data centers. As Director of Business Continuity at Interactive Data Corporation, he defined a worldwide business continuity strategy for 92 business units, deploying recovery resources, and increasing organizational readiness through training and testing. In the past, he was a network consulting practice leader at marchFirst, manager of financial systems for IBM/Lotus, and a data center manager at Digital Equipment Corporation. He has spoken at securities industry business continuity conferences. Outside of work, he is a high-handicap golfer and runs an occasional marathon.

Terry Mullane

Over 23 years experience in developing and managing project and line operations teams. Proficient in creating innovative, process-driven solutions to complex issues, and leveraging resources — people, technology, and relationships — to drive growth, profit and performance through and exceptional leadership talents.

Robert Barfoot

Over 25 years experience leading information technology for direct marketing, publishing, and consumer packaged goods companies, with expertise in global strategic technology planning, marketing automation, CRM, customer data warehousing and data mining, business intelligence, IT turnarounds and change management, enterprise technology integration, and global applications development and acquisition. International experience includes leading global teams in Europe and Mexico developing global IT strategy, worldwide infrastructure and telecommunications standards, global enterprise software.

Scott Rosenberg

Over 20 years of engineering and operations experience. Scott is the founder and CEO of Miro Consulting (a TAC affiliate). Frequently quoted by media outlets such as CRN, eWeek and InformationWeek, Mr. Rosenberg is considered an expert in Oracle licensing and software asset management as well as Microsoft licensing. He is an active member of the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) and is a Certified Software Asset Manager (CSAM). He was also honored as one of the finalists in the Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year program two years in a row. He is a practicing martial artist (Tae Kwon Do), and is avid follower of the principles of the late business guru and father of modern management, Peter F. Drucker.

Stuart Harris

Over 30 years of international experience in the IT outsourcing industry. Initially as a client, later as a service provider, and for seven years as a Partner at TPI, a leading sourcing advisory firm. His experience includes extensive service delivery and management while at a provider, and comprehensive sourcing life cycle advice while as a consultant. Stuart has advised clients on sourcing and renegotiation strategies while at TPI, and taken them through complex international outsourcing deals. Stuart’s specialty is in understanding outsourcing market prices and benchmarking; while at TPI Stuart developed their Mark to Market price assessment capability.

John Tracy

Over 35 years of experience in software development and quality-assurance, accounting, and project, program and general management. John’s private-sector background includes telecommunications and billing, IT and payroll/tax. His final assignment at Convergys Corporation was project/program director for software development services for a Fortune 500 client, where he consistently drove multiple overlapping 100,000-hour software development projects to successful completion while reducing the program cost structure via offshoring program work to India. In the public education sector, as CIO of Seminole County public schools, John drove virtualization, thin-client desktop, ERP and network build-out projects. He also has developed and taught project management courses for local colleges and the University of Central Florida (UCF).

Ron Barbaree

Over 35 years of experience in software development, marketing, sales, leasing and management. He is founder and CEO of SynerCap LLC, a software leasing and management consulting organization. Based upon his extensive experience in software vendor marketing and sales, he brings valuable expertise to bear in the areas of software vendor relationship management and software asset management.

Michael Gracer

Over 20 years of experience in software analysis, architecture, design, implementation, and enhancement. During his career, he’s worked in the manufacturing, construction, financial, commercial software, imaging, broadcasting, and securities trading industries. His technical expertise is concentrated in user interface design, and multi-tiered web application development using a variety of technologies.

Vanessa DiMauro

Over 20 years of experience in social business leadership positions, having founded and run numerous online communities. She is the CEO and Chief Digital Officer of Leader Networks, a research and strategy consulting company which helps organizations succeed in social business and online community building. With Leader Networks she has developed award winning social business strategies for dozens of the largest and most influential companies in the world. Vanessa is a popular executive advisor, author and speaker. Ms. DiMauro’s work has been covered by leading publications such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC and Forbes. She was recently named one of 40 top social marketing masters worldwide by Forbes.

Phil Rosch

Over 36 years of IT experience in virtually all IT disciplines complimented by five years of analysis and best practices consulting for Giga Information Group. He brings a practitioner’s perspective with significant and varied experience in IT “archi-torture” and standards, metrics, operations, technical support, and all aspects of security, policy development, organizational metrics, and risk management.

Rosemary Fitzgerald

Over 15 years experience in the fields of Media Design and Internet Marketing Strategy. She has directed the development and worldwide deployment of numerous Internet subscription applications for the healthcare and IT industries. Throughout her career, Dr. Fitzgerald designed and led teams comprising of front-end application design and development, interactive multimedia production, product development and marketing.

Vladimir Tsivkin

Over 20 years of experience in advanced software development, with the last five-plus in senior project management roles in major financial services institutions. His primary specialization is software quality engineering, including Six Sigma and CMM. Mr. Tsivkin has authored a number of published papers in operations research, management science applications, and quality management.

Peter Sorrentino

Over 20 years experience in consulting and software development with extensive experience in the high technology and financial industries: trading, cash management and risk management. Peter’s specialties include development of business differentiating software systems and providing consulting to IT organizations with an emphasis on applications. Consulting expertise includes joint business/IT evaluation of software vendor offerings and business-service platforms, application architecture and development best practices in support of real-time business opportunities, application portfolio analysis in support of business/IT alignment and IT costs reduction, and business derived IT capability enhancement/CMM: principles, BPM, organization, roles, measures, standards and technologies linked directly to business objectives.

Larry Martell

Over 25 years of experience as a hands on UNIX software developer, primarily in the Wall Street and financial communities. Designed, implemented, documented, and supported many client/server, real-time, and embedded systems. Has worked with many leading hedge funds, brokerage houses, and back offices, as well as the manufacturing, semiconductor, and gaming industries. Experienced with all phases of the product development life cycle, and has worked in systems and database administration, management, and production support roles.

Richard Feingold

Over 30 years of IT experience, with the last 15 years specializing in information security. He is an expert in aligning information-security programs and solutions to business processes and requirements. Special strengths include information-security risk management; secure network architectures; policies and procedures; audit and regulatory compliance; efficient, customer-focused operations; and aligning with industry best and prevailing practices.

Anurag Gupta

Over 12 years experience at Intel Corporation and in enterprise platform technologies, performance, architecture, and strategy. He helps companies use technology to build sustainable competitive advantage. Dr. Gupta is currently Engineering Manager at Intel responsible for the Eclipse program and strategy. Eclipse is an open source development platform ( He is active in the Eclipse Architecture Council and the Eclipse Requirements Council.

Sue-Rae Rosenfeld

Over 20 years experience as an IT project manager and business analyst, primarily in the financial industry. She has special expertise in data analysis, data modeling, and converting systems into new platforms, including mainframe to Internet and intranet server environments. In addition, she trains IT professionals in project management fundamentals and Project Management Professional exam prep. She is an active member and volunteer for the Project Management Institute.

Philip Werner

Over 17 years of IT management, systems integration, consulting, software development and marketing experience. Philip is an expert in customer data integration, electronic commerce, online advertising, virtual databases, enterprise application integration and web services. Specialties include business process definition, regulatory compliance, implementation of key performance indicators and cross-functional project management. On weekends, he can be found whitewater kayaking Class IV rivers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

Geoff Feldman

Over 25 years of experience in system and software development. His work has included hardware and microcode, operating systems, database internals, network routers and switches, and application development for a variety of different businesses. He focuses on tools, practices, and methodologies that improve software quality by enhancing teamwork not only within the development team, but also between developers and the other disciplines necessary for success. He has worked with state of the art object-oriented programming and planning methods for nearly twenty years.

Colin Goldberg

Over 35 years experience in information technology serving the financial services and professional services industries, in a variety of roles including architect, lead analyst, project manager, mentor, and consultant. Colin is experienced in all phases of application development, project management, knowledge management, business intelligence, technology marketing, and strategic planning. He is founder and creator of BizConnector, an interactive marketing automation tool.

Steve Hoffman

Over 20 years of experience developing innovative software solutions using the latest technologies. He is founder and chief architect of Forestay, LLC. Previously, Steve was with Active Endpoints and Starwood Hotels. As an independent consultant, Steve provided technical strategies and implementations for organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Pitney Bowes, and Dictaphone. He leverages broad knowledge of the Web services, SOA, and BPEL technology, vendor, and product space, and deep knowledge of BPEL practices and patterns, to provide insightful analysis that demonstrates how to use BPEL to solve real-world problems.

Maurene Caplan Grey

Over 20 years of experience with electronic messaging and collaboration. Maurene is the Founder, Principal Analyst of Grey Consulting. Prior to starting an independent firm, Ms. Grey was Gartner’s lead analyst on messaging, calendaring/scheduling and human communications. Earlier, she headed United Parcel Service’s global messaging environment. Ms. Grey’s active involvement in the industry includes serving as Conference Director for INBOX 2007. She also serves on the ARMA International collaborative environment task force. Ms. Grey is an Advisory Board Member and Research Fellow of the Society for New Communications Research and served as a SIIA CODiE 2007 Awards first-round judge.

Eric Fanwick

Over 20 years of IT experience in both applications development and management. Eric is currently Vice President of Product Development/Chief Technology Officer of, an Internet marketing company in Fairfield, CT. At FamilyTime, he has developed content management, advertisement services and survey delivery systems that allow FamilyTime to provide its clients the support they need to help them identify their market. Prior to FamilyTime, Eric worked on large data warehouse and executive information systems in the financial services industry.

Robert Garber

Over 20 years of experience in IT market intelligence and product marketing, including eight years with IBM. His areas of expertise include e-commerce, on-demand computing, midrange servers, and knowledge and content management. He is executive director of The Knowledge Agency.

Charles Bennett

Over 35 years experience across a wide range of organizations in the areas of IT strategic planning, IT governance, risk and control, supply chain risk assessment, ERP evaluation, process improvement, IT internal control enhancement, and compliance. Prior to his career in public accounting and consulting, Charles held executive management positions in aerospace, textile and apparel manufacturing companies.

Wayne Morrison

Over 20 years experience in software engineering and IT security. He has extensive experience as a developer and project leader in a large organization. His areas of expertise include open source software (Kerberos, CDSA, DCE), and systems and network management. Wayne also has a strong security background and holds a CISSP certification. Recent work involved adapting IT policies to address HIPAA requirements. He has served on the board of the New Hampshire chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) since shortly after its inception in 2006.

Zena Brand

Over 25 years of marketing and product leadership in the HR, payroll, workforce management, and benefits categories. She has deep expertise and a track record of success in strategic planning, business line management and product marketing for both software and service companies. Her experience includes domestic and international operations, partnership development, successful product launches and quality team development. Using her proprietary methodology, Zena delivers programs to drive revenue and margin growth for software and service companies by identifying and aligning solutions with market opportunity, managing/extending product sets, and developing distribution channels and partnerships. She is presently involved in engagements to develop new distribution channels for SaaS solutions to enterprise and outsourcing providers, define the topology and UI for an RPO service, and various business development programs.

Kenneth Lew

Over 23 years of experience in the IT Industry, Kenneth Lew is dedicated to researching and packaging new, innovative solutions and products to meet clients’ ever-changing needs in a climate where they are looking for ways to optimize their investment in information technology and seek cost efficiencies in their execution of business processes. Kenneth is deeply involved with clients’ needs and solutions, keeping him abreast of the latest trends, methods, and issues facing executives. He is an active member of various professional organizations including Monte Jade Science and Technology Association, the Project Delivery Special Interest Group, the International Human Resource Information Management, and the PeopleSoft Mid-Atlantic User Group.

Nick Parkin

Over 15 years of focus on manufacturing systems, since receiving his Ph.D. in Computer Science, working closely with IBM initially, and later with SAP. Nick has had an intimate involvement with the movement towards ERP systems. Nick currently focuses on data management in the SAP environment, and has worked on major projects for many blue-chip clients including GSK, Orange, Unilever, Eli Lilly and General Motors.

Ann Ware

Over 30 years service to the K–12 educational community, including roles as a classroom teacher, school leader, district technology cabinet administrator, state department of education cabinet leader and educational consultant. She understands the value in building solid relationships with education and vendor stakeholders that ultimately results in enabling student, teacher and organizational success. Ann has a strong background in the alignment of appropriate technology solutions with proven research-based practices in support of continuous improvement. Through service-oriented leadership, she has encountered success in a wide range of experiences through a laser-like focus on student and organizational success.

Katie Lovett

Over 33 years service to the education community, from classroom teacher, to district department leader, cabinet executive, Chief Information Officer, and education consultant. Throughout her IT career, she focused on effective use of information and communication technologies to advance learning. She has a strong background in data-driven decision making and technologies around successful data use and implementation. She is experienced in developing and implementing enterprise strategic technology plans focused on student learning and aligned to the district vision, mission and goals.

Wayne Smith

Over 30 years of experience in defining, managing, and delivering high-performance technology engagements over a broad range of industries, application areas, and technologies. In particular, Mr. Smith has demonstrated the ability to rapidly understand the key drivers of a business, and then assist clients in developing an integrated business, technology, information, and people strategy to leverage those drivers. Career has encompassed roles in executive and operating management with a strong background in envisioning and then launching new ventures in a variety of corporate structures.

Michael Corby

Over 40 years of experience in IT strategy, operations, development and security. He has successfully managed large projects, developed flexible IT infrastructures and sound security organizations for hundreds of the world’s most successful organizations, as a senior member of the Marsh & McLennan, Gartner, META Group, and Ernst & Young consulting divisions. He is also the founder of (ISC)2, Inc. the organization that established the CISSP credential. In 1992, Mike was named the first recipient of the Computer Security Institute’s “Lifetime Achievement Award.” He was also formerly CIO for a division of Ashland Oil and for Bain & Company. Mike has established a reputation for creativity and excellence in technology and its application to business needs.

Rick Belmonte

Over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Rick has been both a CIO and a consultant in both large and boutique firms. As a CIO, he implemented ERP and SaaS solutions and has firsthand experience with both. He also supported several ERP implementation projects as a consultant. His expertise includes ERP implementation/optimization, IT strategy and architecture planning, business intelligence, business process management, and organizational change management. Rick co-founded IT Renaissance, is a partner in The Atre Group, and managed the IT Strategy and Transformation group for Gartner Consulting.

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