TAC Expertise-as-a-Service® (EaaS™) is the first new model for sourcing services in more than three decades. The TAC EaaS model uses a vetted private network of hundreds of practicing experts with real-world success credentials in information technology strategy, leadership, management, operations and implementation. All TAC services leverage this expert network, enabling us to reduce the costs to our clients while maintaining a superior level of quality, coverage, and client satisfaction. And because there are no seat licenses, TAC EaaS does away with scalability issues and restrictions on the use of information.


“…I have found TAC to be an outstanding resource to get objective and accurate information quickly. …I have used them for years while working at two different health care companies and have always found their work to be well researched, written, and expertly developed.”

— Ronald A. Tomo, Vice President & CIO, NuHealth

Context matters to you, so it matters to us.

No other company is like yours. Your infrastructure, culture, and problems are all unique. TAC understands this and tailors all of its services to fit the needs of the individual client. TAC Advisory Services are delivered to you in your context, enterprise-wide (no seat licenses) through Expert Phone Consultations, Personal Advisory Reports (PARs), and TAC Insights. Available on demand, advice delivered to TAC clients is actionable and unbiased. The leading-edge, experiential information and advice contained in these unique deliverables is freely distributable within the enterprise and completely confidential, ensuring the retention of competitive advantage without the usual high cost to the client.

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“We’ve found TAC’s advice and consulting to be excellent value. Their Experts not only know what they are talking about, but are good communicators.How can you put a price on TAC’s “gold nugget” insights? A couple of these ideas can save us millions.”

— Jonathan Hirst, Manager, IT Global Petrotechnical Services, Talisman Energy

For traditional consulting houses, the consultant has two objectives… first, to maximize the billable hours for their company, and second, to address your issue.

TAC consulting gives clients the freedom and flexibility to tap our Expert Network for strategic, tactical and operational expertise on site and remotely on an as-needed basis. No unnecessary “boots on the ground,” no travel expense, no hassle.

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PerformanceYou can’t manage what you don’t measure. Benchmarks, audits, and assessments give you a new view of the operating efficiency of your organization and infrastructure.

High performance has become a way of life for vitually any enterprise. The need to continually improve, reduce costs and increase efficiency to remain competitive is the foundation of improving performance. Enterprises have grown to understand that effective measurements will enable them to best understand which costs to reduce and what actions to take to improve efficiency without negatively impacting performance.

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LeadershipGet access to world-class coaches and mentors for you, and leadership and skills development for your team.

IT managers and CIOs, perhaps more than any other executives in an enterprise, feel the uncertainty that the future brings. Changes in technology are constant, necessary skill sets seem to change daily, and employee turnover and retirements continue to add to talent loss. In addition to current and upcoming projects and trying to keep internal (and external) customers satisfied, IT executives need to develop new leadership capabilities, build new skill sets, and navigate the corporate political landscape.

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