When the Finance and Legal teams have questions, they turn to CPAs and outside counsel for expert guidance. Who does the IT group have to turn to?

Finance and legal teams have had backup for as long as anyone can remember. Outside Counsel and CPA firms have been working along side your finance and legal departments to give them the expertise and experience in areas that your inside people don’t have. IT departments have been lacking this same kind of backup until now.

IT Organizations are turning to TAC’s Expert Network for the experience-based professional advice that Finance and Legal have had for years.

Context matters to you, so it matters to us.

No other company is like yours. Your infrastructure, culture, and problems are all unique. TAC understands this and tailors all of its services to fit the needs of the individual client. TAC Advisory Services are delivered to you in your context, enterprise-wide (no seat licenses) through Expert Phone Consultations, Personal Advisory Reports (PARs), and TAC Insights. Available on demand, advice delivered to TAC clients is actionable and unbiased. The leading-edge, experiential information and advice contained in these unique deliverables is freely distributable within the enterprise and completely confidential, ensuring the retention of competitive advantage without the usual high cost to the client.

As a TAC client, you are provided with enterprise-wide access to a vetted network of hundreds of experts, practitioners and thought leaders with extensive, unbiased, real-world success credentials in every aspect of IT strategy, leadership, management, operations and implementation.

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tacwizardFor one-time and intermittent users of advisory services looking for more generalized responses to their questions in an “executive summary” fashion, TAC has designed TACwizard. Providing rapid access to the combined resources of hundreds of senior IT practitioners and consultants, TACwizard delivers personalized, custom-written answers to your questions about strategic, tactical, functional and operational IT issues.

All answers come with a mini-bio of the responding TAC Expert, so you can be assured that the answer you receive is coming from someone who has the knowledge and experience to answer your questions. Find out more about TACwizard…


Practice Areas:

Enterprise Architecture/Applications
Information Security & Data Privacy
Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
Application Architecture, Middleware & Integration
Global Deployment/Management of Applications
Application Development & Strategies
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
External Service Providers & Outsourcing
User Interfaces & Functionality
Architecture & Systems Management
Business Processes & Management
Customer Relationship Management
ERP & Supply Chain Management
Operational Benchmarking
IT/Business Strategy
Organization Design
Servers & Storage
IT Infrastructure
Strategy and Planning
Project Management Office
IT Business Management
Hardware/Software Analysis
IT Organization Management
End-User Support/Devices
Transformation Design/Support
Vendor Management Strategies
Application Service Providers & SaaS
Financial Management of IT
IT Operations Management
Carrier Infrastructure/Services
Data Management & Integration
Enterprise Network
Emerging Technologies
Regulatory Compliance
Networking & Telecomm
IT Asset Management
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Expert Phone Consultations:

Telephone consultations are available with any of the TAC Experts. Telephone consultations are typically 30 minutes or less, but are unmetered and can run as long as needed to answer the question to the client’s satisfaction.


Personal Advisory Report (PAR):

A personalized, in-context, written answer to a client’s specific question or inquiry. These are normally approximately 1000 words in length, and are in direct response to a specific question. Standard response time for PARs is between three and five business days.


TAC Insights:

TAC’s private network of CIOs, authors, patent holders, thought leaders and independent executive consultants are now contributing their time, knowledge and expertise to TAC Insights, a semi-monthly stream of published-by-TAC information and intelligence on current IT topics. This actionable advice and research from world-class expert practitioners is designed to help you keep abreast of IT trends, as well as to give you specific advice about how to best leverage these trends. TAC also publishes Test Track reports which provide product-specific assessments in the context of our clients’ requirements. Find out more about TAC Insights