tacwizardWhat would you ask if you had access to the very best expert practitioners in the IT world?

Something about using mobile computing or the cloud in your business? Maybe you’re a CEO in the healthcare world, and need to know about HIPAA compliance for IT… Or you’re a vendor manager and you’d really like to get information that would make negotiating with a specific vendor easier (and less expensive)… or perhaps you’re a business development or marketing executive and need to know about social media marketing… or maybe you’re a CIO or IT director and just need a reality check about an IT decision you’re about to make.

Just ask TACwizard.

TAC has harnessed the power of its network of hundreds of expert IT practitioners, CIOs, thought leaders, and authors for you to ask your generalized IT questions to, on-demand – no witches or flying monkeys to worry about.

  • Ask about tactical IT
  • Ask about strategic IT
  • Ask about functional or operational IT
  • Don’t ask a coding question – TACwizard doesn’t answer those.

Flexibility and ease-of use are engineered into TACwizard. No deep knowledge of Information Technology or jargon is required. Simply ask TACwizard your question in plain English, and TACwizard delivers your answer in an “executive summary” fashion, custom-written by a vetted expert, via the web in roughly three days. So you can be sure that the expert is an expert and not just some “man behind the curtain”, we also include a mini-bio of the expert that answered your question.

High value, low cost. High quality, low risk. That’s what TACwizard is all about. So don’t bother with the time consuming trip down the yellow brick road, click here to get started.

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