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IT managers and CIOs, perhaps more than any other executives in an enterprise, feel the uncertainty that the future brings. Changes in technology are constant, necessary skill sets seem to change daily, and employee turnover and retirements continue to add to talent loss. In addition to current and upcoming projects and trying to keep internal (and external) customers satisfied, IT executives need to develop new leadership capabilities, build new skill sets, and navigate the corporate political landscape, while making sure that their teams continue to have the skills necessary to do their jobs and to advance their own careers.

Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring:

TACā€™s Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring services focus on the leadership, career, organizational development, and strategy issues facing top IT executives. These services provides a secure, confidential means for IT executives to receive personal coaching and direction by industry professionals who have walked in their shoes, gain insights on leadership, learn best practices, and keep up to date with career trends. Find out moreā€¦

Skills and Competency Management:

Aging skill sets, retirement, new technologies, mergers, culture changes, budget constraints, and other factors put numerous companies at risk for talent loss. Yet, many ignore the most fundamental solution to address the threat of under-qualified staff, establishing a skills-based organization. An agile, appropriately skilled workforce will not only provide a significant return on investment, but also stimulate people to be more motivated, productive and fulfilled. And, most importantly, talent will be available to capitalize on growth opportunities. More effective resource management, focused training and development, clearer career opportunities, and improved performance management are just a few of the results of an effective skills-based management program.

Our Experts have extensive experience in skills and competency management including implementation and deployment of skills training. We adhere to a rigorous and proven approach to skills-based management programs. Building a skills-based organization starts by proving its value and return on investment. Skills identified as core to business goals are linked to positions and process roles. Standards for incumbents clearly identify requirements for success. These skills standards flow throughout the organization in a chain that includes recruitment, assessment, career development, training, performance and succession planning, and assurance that people understand what is required of them as they join the organization, conduct their assignments, identify career opportunities and more. Find out moreā€¦

Organization Optimization:

Our Experts have experience in working with both large and small complex organizations to achieve the maximum benefits for their clientā€™s IT organization. We have assisted our clients in building business cases for organizational implementation of changes/improvements whether they are in-sourced or outsourced structural changes.

We team with our clients to develop the assessment based on their goals and business requirements, and educate their team in the process. We feel that this is important so our clients can take ownership for the recommendations, and are capable of making continual adjustments to the recommended structural changes as changing business needs demand. Find out moreā€¦

Leadership and Skills Development Offerings

  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring
  • Managing Vendor Partnerships
  • Improvement for ITĀ Professionals
  • IT Contract Management
  • IT Vendor Management
  • IT Organizational Transformation
  • Contracting for Software
  • IT Asset Management
  • IT Leadership Development
  • IT Valuation (TACometer)
  • The Politics of IT Project Management
  • Achieving IT Service Excellence
  • Business Requirements Management
  • Consulting Skills for the ITĀ Professional
  • Business Analyst Certificate Program
  • Rapid Engineered Mind (R.E.M.)
  • Rapid Implementation Methodology (R.I.M.)
  • Software License and Asset Management
  • IT Project Mangement Certificate Program
  • Marketing the ITĀ Organization Internally
  • Accelerated Demand Management & Fulfillment
  • Accelerated Leadership Assessment Program
  • Accelerated Leadership Coaching Program
  • Accelerated Leadership Development Series
  • Accelerated Diagnostics & Transformation Program
  • Accelerated Client Relationship/Needs Program
  • Accelerated Project Advisory Services
  • IT Project Management: The Human Side of the