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Welcome, and thank you for having the curiosity and foresight to look further.

I’d like to answer all of your questions about the TAC Expert Network, and I’ll give you the opportunity to ask them below; but to get started, I’d like to answer the questions raised in the email you received.

  1. Who exactly are these so-called Expert Practitioners? Most TAC experts have been working in their areas of expertise for over 20 years. many, such as Douglas Hubbard, Pamela Erskine, Gay Gordon-Byrne, and Gad Selig have literally “written the book” on their subject matter areas. All of the experts have been heavily vetted for their expertise and experience. To see a short list of the experts in this network with biographical information, go here.
  2. How can they possibly be available on-demand to answer my questions? All of the experts in this network have steady work and “walk their talk”; they are, after all, practitioners. They are made available through proprietary software (TACware) and a personal adviser that uses your question and context to select the expert best able to answer your particular question (think for IT issues). A phone call can then be arranged between you and the expert, or, if you desire, a document can be written for you that answers your question in your context (no “boil-the-ocean” questions though). We call the documents Personal Advisory Reports, or PARs.
  3. How do I know I can trust them, their answers, and their guidance? Again, the experts in this network have been heavily vetted for their experience and expertise. In addition, there are no contracts or agreements with any vendors to push their products and services. This makes the network completely vendor agnostic. The only recommendations made are in your best interest, not those of a particular vendor, or even the network as a whole.
  4. What’s the catch? What’s the cost? There is no catch. The network is there for you to use, the information is yours to share (within your enterprise only). Cost varies depending on how you want your information delivered – documents (PARs) are more than phone calls – and how many documents or phone calls you may want (and we can help you figure that out too). In any case, there are no seat licenses to worry about or sharing restrictions within the enterprise.

So now what?

Find out how to engage… And bring an IT or business related IT question with you. Call me at my desk at 781-791-9582 ext. 709, email me at, or fill out the contact form below, and I’ll call you.

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Michael D. Greene

Vice President
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